Zapier Integration with T.LY

Zapier Integration with T.LY

We are excited to announce our integration with Zapier. You can now easily create short links with Zapier. Zapier allows you to connect with over 5,000 apps to automate your work and have more time for what matters most. No coding is required to set up your automation.

Get Started with T.LY Link Shortener on Zapier

What kind of authentication does T.LY Link Shortener use?

T.LY Link Shortener uses API keys.

Do I need a paid T.LY Link Shortener account to use T.LY Link Shortener with Zapier?

You need a paid T.LY Link Shortener plan to use T.LY Link Shortener with Zapier.

Are there any API token limits in T.LY Link Shortener when I use T.LY Link Shortener with Zapier?

Yes, there are plan-dependent token limits when using T.LY Link Shortener with Zapier.

Connecting with T.LY Link Shortener

When you create a T.LY Link Shortener Zap, you’ll be asked to enter your T.LY Link Shortener API key.

To locate your API Key in your T.LY Link Shortener account, please follow these steps:

  1. Login to your T.LY account.
  2. Click Your Settings from the Top Menu.
  3. Select API.
  4. Click Create API Key.
  5. Copy the generated API key to your clipboard

Paste your key into your Zapier account, click Yes, and continue.

Your T.LY Link Shortener account will be connected if all steps are successful.

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