Custom URL Shortener

T.LY is the best short link management service to track, brand, and share short URLs.

  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Track your Short Links with Detailed Analytics
  • Create Custom Short Branded Links
  • API to Generate Short Links
  • Bulk CSV Import URLs
  • Update URLs to change their Destination
  • Team Management
  • Smart URLs
  • Zapier Integration
  • Create Custom Trackable QR Codes
  • URL Shortener with Advanced Features
  • Retargeting Pixels
Link Management

Custom Domains

Custom Domains

Make your links powerful marketing assets. Custom domains replace with your own domain name, making your links consistently recognizable across channels. They’re so powerful, businesses that use them get up to 34% more clicks.

  • Use custom domains for your links
  • Make your links recognizable and consistent across channels
  • Increase clicks on your links by up to 34%
  • Create a more consistent, branded experience with your links
  • Build trust and credibility with your audience

Smart Links

Smart URLs redirect users to different destinations based on their device, location, or browser. After entering a default URL, users are able to specify to which device or browser-specific URLs they want to direct their traffic. This allows you to share one URL to target multiple destinations.

  • Redirects based on a User's device, location or browser
  • Improve your conversion and click-through rates
  • Easy to share