The Role of Branded Short URLs in SMS Marketing

The Role of Branded Short URLs in SMS Marketing

In the digital marketing realm, URLs are ubiquitous, serving as the bridge between content and the consumer. However, not all URLs are created equal, especially in SMS marketing, where character count is at a premium. Enter the branded short URL, a compact, memorable, and brand-enriching alternative to the generic long URL. In this post, we delve into branded short URLs’ significant role in SMS marketing.

Introduction to Branded Short URLs:

Branded short URLs are condensed links that are customized to include a brand’s name or related keywords. Unlike generic short URLs, they promote brand consistency, trust, and higher click-through rates (CTR). These URLs provide a clean, concise way to share content and count clicks while maintaining brand recognition, making them an invaluable asset in any digital marketer’s toolkit.

Short URLs in SMS Marketing:

Businesses across the globe are harnessing the power of branded short URLs in their SMS campaigns to drive traffic, enhance engagement, and measure campaign effectiveness (See some of our case studies below). The process of integrating branded short URLs in SMS campaigns is straightforward yet impactful. From selecting a custom domain to tracking the performance of your SMS campaign, every step is geared towards optimizing communication and enhancing brand recognition.

The benefits of using branded short URLs in SMS marketing are manifold. They reinforce your brand identity with every text message sent, enticing more clicks than generic short URLs. Moreover, the analytics capabilities of platforms like T.LY allow marketers to gauge the effectiveness of their SMS campaigns in real time, providing valuable insights into user behavior and engagement.

Customizability and Flexibility:

Customizability is at the heart of branded short URLs. They can be tailored to align with your campaign message or call to action, making them easy to remember and relevant to your audience. Utilizing custom domains further augments brand consistency, ensuring a cohesive brand image across all marketing channels.

Optimizing the User Experience:

A seamless user experience post-click is crucial for the success of any SMS marketing campaign. Ensuring your mobile-friendly landing pages and providing clear and compelling Calls to Action (CTAs) are pivotal steps in optimizing the user journey. Every element, from the branded short URL to the landing page, should be geared towards encouraging desired actions and providing value to the user.


In today’s data-centric marketing landscape, tracking performance metrics and understanding user behavior are indispensable. Monitoring key metrics like click rates, conversions, and user engagement enables marketers to make data-driven decisions, tailoring future campaigns for better engagement and ROI.

Real-time Editing and Link Management:

The dynamic nature of digital marketing often necessitates real-time editing and robust link management. With T.LY’s real-time editing feature, updating your short URLs even after they’ve been distributed is a breeze. Managing multiple SMS campaigns simultaneously becomes effortlessly manageable with the robust link management features of T.LY.

Case Studies:

Exploring real-world examples of businesses leveraging branded short URLs to boost their SMS marketing campaigns provides actionable insights. These case studies unearth the key takeaways and recommendations for effectively implementing branded short URLs in your SMS marketing strategy, highlighting the tangible benefits they bring to the table.

Pottery Barn

  • Utilized SMS to communicate the latest deals, share delivery updates, and promote in-store and online events.
  • Sent promotional offers via SMS to collect opt-ins from customers for sending further marketing messages


  • Centered much of its customer experience around text messaging; for instance, cardmembers could access account information and make payments via SMS.
  • Leveraged SMS and MMS to build customer relationships by sending personalized style recommendations, thereby bridging the gap between in-store and online shopping experiences.

Orangetheory Fitness

  • Employed SMS marketing to encourage new customers to sign up for monthly memberships.
  • Sent invites to potential customers for a free VIP Class at a studio as an incentive to sign up for a membership, leading to in-person opportunities to sell monthly memberships.


  • Used SMS alerts to notify customers about restocked items and shared delivery updates.
  • Additionally, promoted limited-time offers or sales through text messages.


  • Offered pet-sitting and walking services and provided frequent discounts via SMS to ease the financial and mental strain of finding a pet sitter, especially during holidays when many people travel.

Fit Athletic

  • Engaged members by sending special offers, promotions, and gym updates via SMS.
  • Utilized SMS to send opt-in messages for promotional offers to customers.


  • Shared current sales and offers via SMS.
  • Unique feature: shared a Virtual Contact File (VCF) with customers via SMS to facilitate the saving of the brand’s contact details on their phones, nurturing a text relationship with customers.


  • Targeted millennial and Gen-Z demographics with SMS marketing, often sharing hot deals and essential announcements from the company owners.

These case studies depict a range of strategies and outcomes, demonstrating the versatility and effectiveness of SMS marketing across various business sectors.

Future Trends:

The convergence of AI, ML, and the utilization of branded short URLs is steering SMS marketing toward a more intelligent and personalized frontier. These technological advancements empower businesses to engage with their audience on a more customized level and provide profound insights into consumer behavior, thus enhancing decision-making and real-time adaptability. Furthermore, incorporating branded short URLs augments trust and engagement, making SMS a powerful, insight-driven, click-counter, and highly personalized marketing channel. As we move forward, the synergy of emerging technologies and branded short URLs is poised to significantly elevate the effectiveness and personalization of SMS marketing, solidifying its position in the digital marketing ecosystem.


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Tim Leland

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