How to Make a QR Code

How to Make a QR Code

Did you know that using QR codes can make accessing and sharing URLs easier? QR codes are patterned squares that contain encoded information – in this case, a URL or link. Scanning the code with your smartphone it will take you directly to whatever website is embedded into the code. Using T.LY’s customizable tool, creating a QR Code has never been easier! In just a few simple steps, you too can learn how to generate up-to-date and accurate link codes for all of your projects – no matter what they may be! Find out the best practices below for generating powerful QR Codes that drive conversions quickly and effortlessly.

Understand the Benefits of Using a QR Code

QR codes, short for Quick Response codes, have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their convenience and versatility. These two-dimensional codes can be scanned by smartphones and other devices, making it easy to access information and content quickly. The benefits of using QR codes are plentiful, making them a valuable tool for businesses and individuals alike. They can be used to direct customers to a website or social media page, connect users to exclusive offers, display product information, and much more. QR codes also allow for contactless interactions, which is particularly important in our current world. By utilizing QR codes, you can enhance the user experience and simplify the process of connecting with your audience.

Choose a Link and Shorten It with T.LY

In today’s fast-paced digital age, every second counts. That’s why shortening links has become an essential tool for those using the internet for work or leisure. T.LY is a powerful URL-shortening service that can take a long, unwieldy link and turn it into something simple, memorable, and effective. With T.LY, you can create short links that are easy to share on social media, embed in emails, or use in presentations. The benefit of using a T.LY short link inside your QR code is if you ever need to update the QR code destination, you don’t have to reprint the QR code. You can just update the short URL destination, and the QR code will reflect the change.

Customize Your QR Code

QR codes have become a ubiquitous presence in our digital world. They can be found on products, business cards, and even street signs. But did you know that you can now customize your QR code to make it stand out from the crowd? With the help of new technology, you can choose from various colors, add your logo or image, and even change the destination URL. One popular choice is T.LY URL Shortener to create trackable QR codes. This means that when the user scans the code, you will see the analytics to know how often the QR code is scanned.

Download or Print Your QR Code

When it comes to printed advertising, menus, billboards, etc. QR codes are an easy way to get users to your site. To streamline your QR code distribution process, you can simply download or print them in a matter of minutes. This time-saving method lets you quickly incorporate the QR code onto your packaging, posters, flyers, or business cards. With a simple scan, potential customers can quickly access your website, social media, email, or special promotions. Make the most out of your marketing efforts, and try downloading or printing your QR code today!

T.LY Customize QR Code

Test That Your QR Code is Working Properly

As a business owner, ensuring that your QR code is working properly and effectively is important. There are several ways to test the functionality of your QR code, such as scanning it with multiple devices and testing for different to ensure that the code leads to the correct link or landing page. By taking the time to double-check your QR code, you can ensure that your customers have a smooth and seamless experience, increasing their satisfaction with your brand. So, go ahead and take the necessary precautions to ensure that your QR code is functioning as it should be.

From understanding the benefits of QR codes to customizing your own with T.LY, creating an updatable QR code does not have to be a difficult process. To recap, you should first come up with a link or URL that will be behind the code and then, using T.LY, shorten that link to create your QR code. With the ability to customize your QR code, it might be worthwhile taking some extra time to make it look better for whatever purpose it’s intended for – whether it’s for digital marketing or personalization. Once you’re happy with how it looks, you can easily download or print it out and test it from your phone or computer. Using T.LY for creating updatable QR codes is effective and uncomplicated – start yours today!


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Tim Leland

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