Google Tag Manager Pixel using T.LY URL Shortener

Google Tag Manager Pixel using T.LY URL Shortener

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a free tag management system provided by Google. It is designed to simplify the process of managing and deploying various tags, such as tracking codes, pixels, and snippets of JavaScript, on a website or mobile app. Tags are snippets of code that are added to a website to collect data and send it to third-party tools and services, such as analytics platforms or advertising networks.

With Google Tag Manager, instead of manually adding and updating tags directly in the website’s source code, you can use a single container code snippet provided by Tag Manager. This container code is placed on every page of the website or app. Once the container code is in place, you can manage all your tags and their configurations from the Google Tag Manager interface without the need for additional coding or site updates.

Google Tag Manager provides a user-friendly web-based interface where you can create and configure tags, triggers, and variables. Tags represent the snippets of code you want to deploy, triggers determine when and where the tags should be fired, and variables allow you to capture and pass data to the tags. This setup allows you to have more control over your website’s tracking and measurement without requiring extensive development resources.

By using Google Tag Manager, you can centralize the management of various tags and easily make updates and changes without relying on developers or making code modifications. It provides a streamlined workflow for marketers, analysts, and website administrators, allowing them to deploy and manage tracking and marketing tags more efficiently.

Using Google Tag Manager with T.LY

Using Google Tag Manager with a URL shortener like T.LY, you can leverage containers you already use on your websites when sharing links on social media or the web.

How to fire GTM tags when sharing links:

  1. Create a T.LY Account
  2. Next, create a short URL
  3. Finally, add a Google Tag Pixel to the short URL. Make sure your ID contains the GTM prefix.

How to add a GTM pixel to a T.LY Short URL

How do I find my Google Tag Manager ID?

  1. Sign in to Google Tag Manager.
  2. You will see a list of accounts. Find the container ID of the account you’d like to use and copy it.
  3. Make sure your ID contains the GTM prefix.

How to find your Google Tag container ID

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