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BL.INK is a sophisticated URL shortening platform designed for a wide range of users including businesses and professionals, with a core focus on branding and analytics. It allows for the creation of branded links using custom domains, which enhances brand identity with each shared link. Besides basic shortening features, BL.INK provides in-depth link analytics to offer actionable insights on audience behavior and link performance. It has a variety of plans including limited free options and more extensive premium packages. Although lacking a native mobile app, its browser extensions ensure an effortless link shortening experience. The platform is notable for its enterprise solutions, providing advanced link management tools and integrations, particularly aiding larger organizations with features like the Blaze feature for large-scale campaigns. This feature facilitates the creation of millions of branded short links daily, demonstrating a level of scalability and resilience. Its commitment to uptime, intuitive interface, and robust support ecosystem make BL.INK a trusted choice for URL branding and analytics, showcasing its enterprise readiness through features like branded short links, QR codes, robust analytics, and a platform that emphasizes collaboration, compliance, and creativity while managing and monitoring link interactions for analytical insights.

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BL.INK Features

Custom Domains Yes
Unlimited Clicks Dependent on plan
Analytics Yes
Free Plans Limited free plan available
Paid Plans Yes
Integration Yes, with several platforms and tools
Enterprise Solutions Yes
Browser Extensions Yes
Mobile App No
QR Code Generation Yes
Branded Links Yes
Link Expiration Yes, with specific plans
Bulk Shortening Yes
API Access Yes
Link Retargeting No
Password Protection Yes, with premium plans
Link Editing No
Geotargeting No
Team Collaboration Yes, with specific plans
Uptime & Reliability High
User Interface Intuitive and clean
Support & Community Strong with documentation, tutorials, and dedicated support


Polr is an open-source link shortener that allows you to host your own URL shortener, enabling branding of URLs and control over your data. It's designed to be quick, modern, and offers a simple interface for link management on your domain. Polr also provides customization options, including adjusting shortening permissions, redirects, and themes. It features a robust API for integration with other services, and is built with a clean MVC architecture, using PHP and the Lumen microframework​

Polr Screenshot

Polr Features

Custom Domains Yes
Unlimited Clicks Yes
Analytics No
Free Plans Yes
Paid Plans No
Integration Yes
Enterprise Solutions No
Browser Extensions No
Mobile App No
QR Code Generation No
Branded Links Yes
Link Expiration No
Bulk Shortening No
API Access Yes
Link Retargeting No
Password Protection No
Link Editing No
Geotargeting No
Team Collaboration No
Uptime & Reliability Yes
User Interface Yes
Support & Community Open source community support

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