Why Use a URL Shortener

Why Use a URL Shortener

Many people have never used a URL shortener before. Some do not even know what a URL shortener is. So why are URL shorteners a big deal? Here are a few reasons:


URL shorteners make your life easier. If you have a long link to share with a group/audience…shorten it by using a URL shortener like T.LY. Copy and paste your long web address into the shortener on T.LY, and that’s it. Now you will have a simple, easy link that is more suitable to give to people. It is that simple. Now you will be able to share website links with ease! 

“Curb Appeal” 

They say to not judge a book by its cover. However, many people might look at a long, complicated website link and roll their eyes. Curb appeal is a real thing… even in the world of web addresses. T.LY link shortener can help boost your link’s market value by making it look nice on the “outside.” 

Word of Mouth 

If you have a website link that you would like to share with people you meet, the shorter it is, the easier it will be to give to others. You could easily share your website’s link with others in conversation if you have used T.LY link shortener to make a condensed version of your website’s link. People will be able to remember the name of your website more easily if the web address is short. 

These are a few reasons you need a URL shortener in your life! This tool is something that is very simple to use but makes a big impact. T.LY has created an easy-to-use URL shortener that will be able to meet a variety of link-sharing needs.

T.LY URL Shortener makes long links look cleaner and easier to share! Sign Up Today to start branding your own short URLs.

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