How to Create Short Links that Stand Out

How to Create Short Links that Stand Out

It can be hard to make yours stand out in a world where we are constantly bombarded with links. That’s where URL shorteners come in. A URL shortener is a service that takes a long, complicated link and turns it into a shorter, more manageable one. Not only do they make your links more aesthetically pleasing, but URL shorteners can also be used to track clicks and analyze traffic patterns.

There are a number of different URL shorteners on the market, but the three most popular are T.LY URL Shortener, Bitly, and Rebrandly. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at each of these three services and compare their features. By the end, you’ll know which URL shortener is right for you and your business.


T.LY’s URL Shortener is an affordable service that turns long links into shorter ones. It also tracks how many people click on your links and provides basic analytics about when and where those clicks happened. The domain also allows much short URLs than the alternatives allowing you to easily share links. QR codes are great for printed materials but its also valuable to print the URL on the flyer or poster as well. This will allow users to easily type in the URL if they are not familiar how QR codes work. T.LY’s URL Shortener is perfect for businesses that want to track their links, and use custom domains, API access, and Smart URLs, all at a reasonable price.


Bitly is another popular option for businesses that want to shorten their URLs. Bitly also offers link-tracking and analytics features, but its primary selling point is its ability to customize links. With Bitly, you can choose your domain name for your shortened links, making your brand seem more professional and trustworthy to potential customers. Bitly is a paid service that offers a lot but at a steep price point.


Rebrandly is another paid URL-shortening service offering link-tracking, analytics, and custom domains. In addition to these features, Rebrandly also allows you to create branded QR codes—images that contain embedded links that can be scanned by smartphone cameras. This makes it easy for customers to quickly access your website or landing page from print materials like flyers or posters. Rebrandly offers a free trial, so you can test out its features before subscribing.

If you’re looking for a way to make your links stand out from the rest, consider using a URL shortener. T.LY’s URL Shortener is an affordable option if you’re looking for a service that provides link-tracking, analytics features, custom domains, and more. If you’re willing to pay a premium, consider Bitly or Rebrandly. No matter which service you choose, using a URL shortener will improve your marketing abilities to share your content!

Author Tim Leland

Tim Leland

With over 15 years of experience, Tim Leland has been developing software that millions worldwide rely on. In 2019, he founded T.LY, aspiring to create the world's premier URL-shortening service. Recently, the platform has witnessed a remarkable increase in its popularity. Under Tim's expert direction, T.LY has transformed into one of the industry's most reliable and esteemed URL shorteners, serving millions of users globally.

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