Google Sheets Addon for T.LY URL Shortener

Google Sheets Addon for T.LY URL Shortener

Google Sheets allows you to create and edit spreadsheets directly in your web browser. Multiple people can work simultaneously, you can see people’s changes as they make them, and every change is saved automatically. It’s a great way to track and manage your short links.

Why should I add this to Google Sheets?

If you’re managing short URLs in Google Sheets, T.LY URL Shortener for Google Sheets makes it easy to shorten the links and view their click metrics directly in the spreadsheet. You can easily shorten multiple links at the same time.

Getting Started

You need to create a T.LY Account and generate an API key to get set up.

How do I install the add-on?

  1. Open a sheet in Google Sheets.
  2. Click Extensions -> Add-ons and select Get add-ons.
  3. Search for T.LY, and select T.LY URL Shortener Addon.
  4. Follow the Google prompts to verify your account and grant permissions to the add-on.

How do I use Google Sheets URL Shortener?

  1. Open a Google Sheet.
  2. Click the Extensions -> Add-ons menu.
  3. Select T.LY URL Shortener.
  4. Click Start

T.LY URL Shortener makes long links look cleaner and easier to share! Sign Up Today to start branding your own short URLs.

About T.LY
T.LY is the best link management service to track, brand, and share short URLs. Install our free Browser Extension with over 450,000 users from the extension store to automatically shorten links in one easy click! We support Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera.